The greatest SD Cards

The Best SD plastic cards

After working on 10 a long time of researching and tests, you find the 64 GB SanDisk serious master to be good sdcard for many individuals. The ultimate Executive is fast enough to shooting 4K video clip, encountered the smartest speeding in in-camera and bench mark trials, which is very affordable. Plus, it includes the limited warranty supported by a trusted producer.

The best pick

64 GB SanDisk overwhelming Pro

64 GB SanDisk Extreme Pro

Best for most

The SanDisk great Pro could smartest UHS-I see most people tested for final price, also it’s protected by a life-time limited warranty.

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64 GB pass W60MB/s

64 GB Transcend W60MB/s

The next-best option

The pass can be slow than your greatest find, it typically is less expensive and it also’s however fasting enough to shooting 4K video clip.

Purchase opportunities

*At committed of uploading, more have been $45.

If SanDisk Extreme expert is beyond regular, I encourage the pass W60MB/s. The Transcend was basically the budget buy last year for the superb price-to-performance ratio—it’s in most cases about 10¢ much less expensive per gigabyte than the SanDisk. The pass is fast adequate to photograph 4K picture, but had been reduced in contrast to SanDisk in jump capturing test and artificial benchmarks. Similar to most fine SD notes, actually, the Transcend did on the subject of along with the significant professional in consecutive read examination. In addition contains the equivalent we limited warranty.

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